Touch Screen Based HMI
Salient Features :

3” to 12.1” Graphical Touchscreen Multicolor / TFT Color Display

Floating point support, Bar graph, Built-in RTC

Ladder editor with powerful instruction set

Support for Recipes and 32K color Bitmaps for color LCD Models

Communication Ports:
One / Two serial ports to connect PLC at RS232 / 422 / 485 levels / Printer / Programming Port
One USB (device) port as Programming Port
One USB (host) port to connect USB memory drive#
One optional Ethernet port to connect PLC / Programming Port / Remote monitoring

Dual Port communication supported for units with two serial ports

User defined Function keys to support various tasks

Data Logging, Transfer logged data on USB memory drive#

Trending (Real Time & Historical#)

Alarms (Real Time & Historical)

Multilanguage (Unicode) support with true type Windows® fonts

IP66 design. CE, UL approved. RoHS compliant

Common Programming software for the entire FlexiPanels® family.........FREE!!
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