System Design and Integration

Electrical Design of Panels

Our engineers provide a detailed electrical design service using C.A.D. systems. All designs are verified by an engineer prior to issue to a client. Once approved for manufacture, then the designs are passed to the panel manufacturing facility for construction.
AC Drives

Technovision expertise  includes large AC drives in multi-drive applications in the various industries.

Application Engineering/ PLC Programming

• Logic  development as per customer functional design specification .
• Submission of GA & wiring drawing for approval.
• Design the system as per application requirements.

Site  Commissioning

• Supervision of erection of panel , pre-checking test before panel power on, checking power sources within the panel ,earthing.
• Pre Commissioning Activity.( Panel IO testing, loop checking from panel to field as per final IO list).
• Commissioning of project as per process description.(On site modification required in  Logic as per site requirement)
• Documentation : The development and documentation of PLC software can be a challenging exercise. Our experienced engineers are expert in PLC software development and can ” write” software from a variety of sources (functional description, flowchart, function block diagram)

Remote  Troubleshooting  Support

• Get 10 X 6 online support across the globe to minimize down time by using technology products like desktop sharing tools .

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