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Inductive Proximity Switch

Series SW 405 Inductive Proximity Switches, available in varied shapes & sizes, are a reliable option for applications in Machine tools, Foundries, Rolling mills, Automobiles, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and Material Handling systems.
This type of switches work on ‘Damped Oscillator’ principle. During operation a frontally radiated electromagnetic oscillating field is projected from the sensing face. Any electrically conductive material entering this field causes damping of the oscillations.
This change is detected by the in-built sensitive & reliable electronic circuit and is converted into an effective output signal.


For Counting / Position Sensing of various objects in
• Bulk Material handing
• Automobile
• Steel Plants
• Fertilizer
• Cement
• Engineering Industries


The standard Inductive Proximity Switches can sense any metallic (electrically conductive) object. However, we have special type of switches to sense either only ferrous objects or sense only non-ferrous (Cu, Al etc.) objects. The details for the non-ferrous sensing switches are described elsewhere.


this switch has a dome shaped electro-magnetic field present in front of the sensing area. The switch will sense the object entering into this domain.

This is the distance between the target and the sensing face at which the switch operates. This is usually specified considering M.S. as target material.


Targets other than  MS  actuate the Inductive Switches at relatively less distance with correction factor as given below. However this criteria is not applicableto special “Non-ferrous sensing models”.


All standard inductive switches sense presence of any metal but will offer stated sensing distance only for ferrous materials like MS.
The type SW 4051-NF is specially developed to sense only non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Aluminium, Gold, Tin, Zinc etc. The biggest advantage of this type of switch is that the non- ferrous objects are sensed from larger distances as compared to standard models. These switches are available in M18 and above sizes. The other operating features are same as those of standard 3 wire DC Switches.


Special high pressure type Inductive Proximity Switch has been developed for direct use in a Hydraulic cylinder.
The switch construction is sturdy and is rated for pressure upto 500 bar.
These switches are also available in connector version for easy replacement.

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