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Aluminum alloy Or Metal Steel or Stainless Steel Material
Inbuilt Clamping
Clamp Flange Or Set Screw Clamping
Offset Angular Upto 5 parallel Upto .2mm
One Piece Construction.

A shaft coupling is a device to connect shaft so that one can drive the other (i.e. transmit torque & motion)

A flexible shaft coupling is a coupling which can adjust itself to the misalignment of two shaft connected by it. This misalignment may be of any sort (i.e. Angular, Parallel, or Skew).

When motion transmission is important, particularly in rotary encoders, misalignment of shaft should not affect the motion information i.e. angular velocity and acceleration. For this the flexible coupling must be tortionally rigid.

The flexible coupling are manufactured out of solid rod of suitable material (Al-Alloy. M.S.) by special machining procedures to achieve a curved beam which is tortinally stiff but flexible in other directions.

Above given information ae version size of flexible coupling mainly used in shaft encoders & tacho generators.

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