Automation For :
Caustic Soda Recovery Plant

We automate entire plant operations  and hence the plant can be monitored by a single person. Advanced Plants are equipped with Level, density, pH controllers along with safety modules and PLC & HMI controlled operations with user friendly animation system. Data Logging & Historical trends are monitored .Detail analytical study of performance to calculate the payback period.
Web server facility ensures the effective  scheduled maintenance.
More than 30 plants are running with our Automation Systems locally & globally.  

We are confident and maintaining the plant( i.e .purification systems , pumps ,filters, valves  have provided the caustic recovery plant )with a data acquisition system where all the inputs and outputs of the plant are connected via various types of  sensors such as pressure, temperature, density, conductivity ,pH etc… to  PLC + Touch Screen HMI  which not only record all parameters and defaults but also can provide the data either current or history in graphical or text format. This data can be transferred to excel format and the economics of the Caustic recovery Plant can be worked out each day .
Various Filling Industries :

We have automated machines for various sectors like Oil filling, Gel filling, wine filling, Edible Oil filling , water filling, Shrikhand  / sauce Filling, Tube filling, etc.
Key requirements of these plants include high production rates with accuracy. Automation helps for greater output ,improved operating efficiencies & less product wastage through leakage.

More than 300 filling machines are running successfully in various sectors with our system.

Volume of material dispensing is defined by either encoder i.e. volumetric or weight  based load cell. 

It includes following processes :
•  Bottles are collected and moved to the filling station from the conveyor.
•  Optical sensor ensures number of bottles to be filled.
•  No bottle no fill ensures no wastage of material.
•  At Filling station, filling of required volume is done accurately with the help of encoder & PLC
•  Alarm will be activated if bottles are blocked.
•  Capping & Sealing is done by using Servo /Stepper motors

Advantages :
•  Touch Screen technology ensures system more reliable & operator friendly.
•  Effective use of Inductive / Optical sensors ensures  energy saving,  No Wastage and operator’s safety .
•  With use of advanced control & high speed CPU efficiency/productivity of M/c is achieved.
•  With advanced touch screen + PLC &  with GSM module provides web server facility to remote monitoring of process.
•  Multiple Head machines  e.g. 2/4/6/8/16 head machines are automated as per customer need.
Dairy Industries :

Food, Dairy processing are the core industries, we have been serving for years. We have experience and the resources to support the design of PLC and HMI applications for process control, process monitoring, data integration, and reporting to help customer in improved plant performance, product safety and quality consistency.

We have expertise in offering control solutions across all the processes including Homogenization, Pasteurization, Sterilization CIP, Ice cream and in handling process complexities of multiple tanks transfer systems in dairy industries.

Dairy Plants Automation including milk processing, yogurt processing, Ice cream processing. Beverage Plants -Automation for Juices, Energy drinks, Cola, Soft drinks manufacturing.

Automation system includes :
• Clean in place systems (CIP)
• Pasteurization
• Batching system
• Sterilization
• Online instrumentation & powerful pump drives ensures correct quality provided to the each procedure such as cleaning and separating skimmed milk & cream
•Level monitoring & control is ensured & by providing web server and GSM module event based SMS intimation to authorities to avoid wastage & ensure safety and maintenance free operation.

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